Customer Insights

The Digital Age has enabled companies to collect customer data with ease. Many organisations interact with their audience in various digital ways generating vast amounts of data. However, most of them lack the ability to realise the fullest potential of their customer data as they find it hard to understand their data and harness insights.

Realise the fullest potential of
your customer data

Intouch365 helps organisations to break down data silo’s, consolidating customer data information and harnessing it for the deepest insights that empower processes of personalisation and experience. We unify customer data assets from whichever source of your organisation seamlessly structuring holistic customer profiles. With ease we enrich customer profiles with external data and patented profile sources to go beyond what your organisation can achieve with their own assets. We create value by making insights accessible and usable to anyone in the organisation allowing them for more meaningful and targeted customer conversations.

Actionable insights to drive processes and DATA DRIVEN experienceS

Insights are used to drive customer experience utilizing them for intelligent audience segmentation, or using them as real time triggers to automate actions and processes and to fuel personalisation over all touchpoints in the journey.

The ability to understand customer data, turning it into insights has become key to build optimal customer experience and loyalty. Customer expectations in both B2C and B2B has soared over the decade and consumers expect organisations to know and understand them. Intouch365 helps organisations to understand customer data and harness it for deep insights making these insights actionable by utilizing it to drive processes and optimise customer experiences.

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