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Predictive profiling

We predict to get to know what human force did not manage to know or did not collect. This way we unveil customer characteristics that were not possessed by your organisation.

Create opportunities

Predictive profiling

In addition helping our customers building profiles with their customer data, we create new opportunities by predictive profiling. Not all customer data assets might be complete or posses the characteristics and attributes you wish, making your data less useful than you demand.

Predict missing data

Overcome customer data flaws

We overcome these flaws by predictive profiling getting to know what human force can not know or did not collect. Predictive profiling means we can predict missing data in attributes based on similar customer profiles. This way we enhance data completeness and make datasets better suited for targeting, profiling and personalisation.


Enable data-driven experiences

The same technique also enables other applications, like segment boosts, look-a-like profiling and predictions of interest for individual customer profiles. All results can be used for audience segmentation and to trigger and drive customer related processes.

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Marijn van Haperen

Customer Insights Specialist