Profile enrichment

To obtain true groundbreaking insights, we enrich our customers’ data sources with externally owned and patented data sources. We possess unique profile data sources that we use to enrich your client insights. We combine your owned data with unique sources owning data characteristics of your region, your industry or your target market.


Intouch365 supports its customers to realise insights that go beyond what can be obtained via own data resources. Behaviour, interest and brand affinity are predicted for individual customers making use of proprietary data and signals. All collected insights and can be used for segmentation, targetting, personalisation and process automation to power customer experience.

B2c and b2b

We enrich both B2C and B2B customer profiles. B2C profiles are enriched with brand affinity, household size and income and more, whilst B2B profiles can be enriched with company size, location industry and so on.

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