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Investing in sustainability together with our partners.


We care about the environment and nature

We at Intouch365 care about the environment and nature. We believe business is about more than doing well financially. It’s about doing well for people and the planet as well. Which is why we made it an integral part of our business strategy to really make a difference for the future.

How? We plant our own forest, involving you as our partners by planting trees as a part of every new collaboration. Every partner will be a part of the Intouch365 forest. We see the growing forest as a symbol for the evolving, growing and long term sustainable collaborations we have with our partners. And, the longer we collaborate, the more trees we add to the forest!

Growing forests


We are great at growing your performance, but not as experienced in growing forests. Together with Treemendo we collaborate to grow our forest. Treemendo (re)connects organisations and individuals to nature by transparently planting healthy forests and keeping us up to date.